Capstone Projects understand the minds of your instructors – they want to see your level of critical thinking in your submitted research and essays that demonstrate the use of pathos and ethos. Therefore, we provide essays that follow a logical, spatial, emphatic, and chronological order, have a thesis statement, arguments, and counterarguments order. Besides the essays must have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion that wraps and restates all the arguments. Essentially, our essays must identify specific pathos and ethos.

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Capstone Projects

A capstone project is also referred to as a senior exhibition, culminating project, or capstone experience. It a complex assignment, which functions to culminate intellectual and academic experience for students, especially during their middle school or high school’s final year. It also happens at the end of a specified academic program. In a capstone project, a student may select a profession, topic, or social problem of interest. Then, students should conduct professional research on the issue, gather a portfolio of their findings, and develop a final product that demonstrates their conclusions or learning acquisitions. 

Our expert writers understand that capstone projects are typically designed to encourage students to develop critical thinking and solve challenging concepts. Moreover, capstone projects aim at making enabling learners to develop such skills as goal-setting, self-sufficiency, planning, teamwork, media literacy, custom essay writing, research skills, public speaking, and oral communication. These skills help students prepare for college, adult life, or modern careers.

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