Custom Research Proposals

Over the course of over 12 years, we have learnt that students experience the challenge of developing a credible research proposal and utilizing a theoretical framework, which is fundamental for any given degree program. Drawing from different encounters of PhD graduates who, employed classic grounded theory, among other theories, in various universities, we have learnt important lessons that can help students write a comprehensive proposal.  We Ensure That All PhD Research Proposals Answer Three Primary Questions:


  • ... is the fundamental problem?
  • … is your idea?
  • … is its relationship to the field?
  • … is its novelty?


  • …is it important?
  • …makes it likely to succeed?
  • …do you think anyone cares?


  • … are you planning on handling the problem?
  • …are you planning on disseminating the research outcomes?

Elements of a Research Proposal: The research Problem or the Idea, introduction, objectives, literature review, methodology, budget, and time plan.  Do not hesitate to place your research proposal request or any other custom assignment help. We are ready and waiting to help you. Cheers!