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Therefore, as long as it is ethically right, we code and write everything presented to us. From simple letters, memos, cover letters, resumes, argumentative and critical essays, to research proposals, thesis, and dissertations, we conveniently handle these assignments according to your customized essays and research requirements.

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Currently, our focus has been on six primary areas:

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  • Creative Writing and Composition
  • Online Tutoring Programs

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Custom Writing Service

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Who Will Write For Me a Custom Essay?

We bet that you would not be disappointed if you had a chance to meet our writers in person. They are all gurus of writing academic papers with lots of experience and creative ideas. Most of them have Ph.D. degrees in their field of knowledge or are about to obtain them.

At Customgurus.com, we approach the hiring process with exceptional diligence and care.

We make sure our writers are the best writing specialists by testing them several times before actually assigning them an order. Moreover, when we finally do, every paper they complete is checked several times for quality issues, mistakes, typos, and plagiarism to avoid any bad experiences.

The quality assurance team usually hires native English speakers to avoid issues associated with language inconsistencies. However, we have few non-native English speakers as requested by our clients, to also minimize language inconsistencies for them.

Moreover, we try to make sure that while writing college essay papers, our writers share the same dedication to company’s anti-plagiarism policy.

The Process of Writing a Custom Essay

Writing an essay is not easy for many students as they find it stressful and time-consuming. For an essay to be customized to your instructor’s requirements, our writers follow several significant steps.

These include, evaluating the type of essay, brainstorming the topic, researching the topic, choosing the style of writing, developing a thesis statement, creating an outline, writing the essay, and editing it to check grammar and spelling issues.

Your essay should have a vibrant sense of argument. Hence, ideas and insights that you develop in experiences such as cultural phenomena, genetic behavior, horrific scenes, or beautiful artifacts should be well-organized for your reader to receive them, comprehend, and respond accordingly.

An outline is important in essay writing as it informs or guides you on what you intend to write. Developing a basic outline is an easy way to create a debatable argument based on the thesis statement.

Typically, an essay comprises an introduction that is summarized by the thesis, the main body that has separate paragraphs discussing distinct sub-topics of the main topic, and a conclusion that inter-links everything to the thesis statement.

Each paragraph should always have a Topic Sentence, have supporting evidence of your argument, and a perfect guideline that demonstrates several solid points that strongly support the argument.

How It Works

Our clients evaluate their required custom essay assignments according to their expected deadlines. This helps them remain realistic in terms of the quantity of work and time required to complete it.

To complete well-researched custom papers, we must have enough time for research and editing. This means that if a customer needs a 65 page assignment, he should ensure that the time needed to complete that will be logically be viable to guarantee credit-worthy and customized outcomes.

This makes us become organized and well-able to handle all assignments accordingly. Our clients must ensure that their instructions are as specific and precise as possible. We want to deliver perfect papers that satisfy your paper requirement and avoid instances of revisions.

According to Sam Walton, “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” Our clients are partners in our mission. Therefore, we request that you clearly indicate your required deadlines, volume of work in terms of pages, whether it is single- or double-spaced, additional comments, referencing format, the writing format, level of expertise, and language (English US, UK, or Australia). Offering the best services is a great enchantment. Place your order with us. 

Then, our clients pay for their orders. Our custom essay writing and research professionals are readily waiting to begin writing and researching on your custom essay and research. We listen and adhere to our customers deeply because otherwise, we shall have none.

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Some clients often wonder whether our custom essay writing services are legal. Essentially, not even one business or academic institution forbids our research work. We are law abiding citizens, who offer consultative services, similar to those of private instructors and online tutors. So, our services are very legal and you should not be afraid to seek help from us.

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